Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Dynamic Systems Development Method

The dynamic systems development method (DSDM) provides a framework for an iterative and incremental approach to the development of Information Systems. It is one of a number of Agile methods for developing software and forms part of the Agile Alliance.

DSDM was developed in the United Kingdom in the 1990s and was first released in 1995. At this point in time (April 2005) the fourth version of the DSDM manual is in use. DSDM was developed by a consortium of vendors and experts in the field of IS development, the DSDM Consortium, combining their best-practice experiences. As an extension of rapid application development, DSDM focuses on Information System projects that are characterized by tight timescales and budgets. DSDM addresses the problems that frequently occur in the development of Information Systems with regards to going over time and budget and other common reason for project failure such as lack of user involvement and top management commitment.

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